I cannot change My Yahoo Mail Classic to Beta Version!! Please Help

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Yahoo mail classic has been quite a prominent dashboard that is quite user-friendly with amazing functionality. With the advent of technology, Yahoo mail also has an upgraded version which people generally look to opt for. Though it’s not a complex process but people generally face problems during the upgrade of Yahoo mail classic to beta version due to lack of knowledge and experience to change email version from Yahoo classic to beta.

It’s quite sure that Yahoo beta version has extraordinary features that persuade users to get their email account upgraded to the latest version for availing amazing features and advanced functionalities. But the main issue is that they are not able to take assistance from helpdesk team due to the absence of official Yahoo customer support number.

Process to Change Yahoo Mail Classic to Beta Version

For the convenience of users, we are revealing a process to change Yahoo mail classic version to beta version in quick time. The necessary actions need to be implemented by providing correct Yahoo login credentials as changes can be made at the earliest to avail superlative functionalities.


  1. Open your favorite web browser and type yahoomail.com
  2. Now provide the correct login credentials when the new web page is displayed.
  3. Once you successfully access Yahoo email account, Take your mouse to the setting gear and click on it.
  4. You will see account info option on the screen. Just click on it.
  5. Wait for page to get displayed. Once it gets displayed, click on preferences option seen in the left sidebar.
  6. As the general preferences page is displayed, click on the option content preference.
  7.  Then select as per our choice Yahoo UK or Yahoo France or Yahoo Germany or whichever option available there.
  8. Once a particular option is selected press Finish button.
  9. Now access Yahoo mail dashboard and wait for some time.
  10. Then you will see the page which says “ It’s the new Yahoo mail Beta and you are invited”
  11. Click on the option “Try Beta Now”.
  12. Once you do the same, your Yahoo  mail classic version gets automatically upgraded to Yahoo Beta Version”

But beware of the technical problems that may occur once you start using Yahoo beta version accessing web browsers installed in Windows and Mac OS desktop & Laptop device, Android or IOS device. Web browser compatibility issues are the prime cause to create hindrance in accessing Yahoo email beta version. On the other side, slow performance of device while accessing Yahoo beta version is another cause that disturbs email users in accessing their personal or official emails stored in Yahoo mail account inbox.  Improper upgrade from Yahoo classic to Yahoo mail beta version is one other problem that sometimes leads to temporary or permanent webmail account suspension until users contact proficient helpdesk experts just by dialing official Yahoo technical support number that is unavailable on the internet from quite long time.

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