Learn About Smart Views Feature In Yahoo Mail App For Android Device

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smart view feature of Yahoo on android

smart view feature of Yahoo on android

Quite a few people are aware regarding smart views feature in Yahoo mail app installed within Android device. Now your preferred email categories in Yahoo app are just a tap away without making effort to search for the same. Smart views are the gem feature that has made this email app renowned among the internet users, who access Yahoo account inbox message and features with ease using Android device. This smart view feature creates group automatically and encapsulates your important messages into certain topics such as Social, Travel, and Shopping. Smart view feature is located I left sidebar of the menu just above the folder in Yahoo app.  Users can take assistance from Yahoo customer service team to know more about Smart views feature.

Here is the list of smart views and various sorts of email, received in the inbox of Yahoo mail:

•    People:  Messages getting accumulated in Inbox that is only sent by individuals, not from any entity  or marketing websites

•    Social: Messages  from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as from other social networking  or Social media websites

•    Travel:  promotional email received from travel companies, airlines, public transit  etc

•    Shopping:  Messages getting accumulated  in specific shopping websites such as Amazon,  eBay, and Groupon 

•    Finance Email received from Forex online share traders, credit card companies, banks and fiaicnail institutions 


Though the majority of users are not aware of the functionality of Smart views, they keep on searching emails in all the groups which are quite a time-consuming process for them.  But the problem is that they cannot take instant help from Yahoo tech support experts as no official customer service number for Yahoo is available on the internet and they have to wait for the response sent by helpdesk team. Now with the advent of third party tech support team, it has become quite convenient to avail email customer support helpdesk services dialing independent Yahoo technical support service phone number that is active round the clock for users like you to deliver instant assistance of any kind that can help you accomplishing task accessing Yahoos email app on Android device without any hassle.

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